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Chris Becker Joins Osborne Seed

      Each year at this time we put our all into the production of next season’s catalog.  Each year the selection of new and unique varieties from around the world keeps growing.  Keeping on top of this is a monumental task and requires knowledge of what will grow well in our area, the disease tolerances we need and what the current trends demand.  A full time job and then some.

      Because we wish to be able to satisfy our customers’ demands and stay ahead of the game, we looked for someone to join our team for this specific purpose.  We are pleased to let you know that Chris Becker has come on board as our Product Development Manager and has not wasted any time to jump right in.   He brings with him a solid background in horticulture, hands-on farming experience, and the enthusiasm and inquisitiveness this job needs.  We will all benefit. 

Meet Chris: 

      He was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, and spent his summers on the family farm in Arkansas.  He attended the University of Arkansas and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in horticulture, and later received a master’s degree in plant breeding and genetics working on southern peas and spinach.  He worked as a senior plant breeder with Alf Christianson Seed Company and later with Sakata Seed America where he released over twenty commercial varieties.  When not working in agriculture Chris enjoys spending time exploring the North Cascades and Vancouver Island.