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One-cut lettuce varieties yield a high count of leaves of uniform size and shape, making them a great alternative for salad mix production.

One-cut lettuces can be used in two different ways:

Mini full heads: cut low so that the leaves stay attached to the core, market as a mini head, individually or in a mixed case. Customers and chefs will appreciate the easy processing with low waste and high quality. Plant heads 6-8" in row.

Loose leaves: cut a few inches above the ground in field, either by hand or mechanically, to create an improved baby leaf lettuce product. Vary height of cut to desired leaf size. Great texture and durability will give you excellent volume and bag filling. Improved shelf life due to the fact that they are mature leaves and they have a small cut surface which also addresses health and safety concerns. Plant multiple varieties in one bed for a diversified salad mix. We suggest a high density planting of 4-6" in row for high yields.